3 Best Online Slot Games Based On Fishing Themes

There was a time when many of the humans depended on fishing for food. Today, it is just a hobby for numerous individuals across the world. There are people who enjoy fishing as a hobby and love playing casino games as well. If you’re such an individual, you’ll be surely delighted to know about online slot games that have fishing themes. 

You would, of course, come across several types of fishing equipment in these online slots. They may also have the symbols of fish that pay more. Some would also feature such symbols as wilds and scatters. If you want to know more about the best online casinos and play slot games for free, visit www.casinosjungle.com

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best online slot games with fishing themes:

1. Perfect Catch

This is a wonderful game that fishing enthusiasts would love to play. Created by the Swedish gaming software provider Sthlm Gaming, this online slot has sophisticated visuals. You’ll surely be impressed with its cartoonish graphics and special effects. 

The game also features a beautiful background of a pond with plants and marine life. Perfect Catch has 20 paylines and 5 reels. The game starts off with five playing cards having symbols of hooks. It ends with some unique symbols, such as a can, a frog, an old shoe, and a crab. 

The redfish transforms into the wild symbol, adding a multiplier between 2x and 5x. The bluefish offers you one or two extra wilds on a single reel. Yellowfish gives you an extra win. If you hit three cans of worms on the last reel, the Free Spins mode is activated. The bonus begins with 8, 12, 20, or 30 free spins.

2. Fishin For Gold

This is a unique online slot game, which has been developed by the London-based gaming software provider, iSoftbet. It offers a nice gameplay, high-quality graphics, and an excellent theme. The game tells a story about four wild animals living in the coldest parts of the polar region. They’re testing their skills in fishing and it’s not just for catching random fish. 

They’re looking for the ones made of gold! You’ll love the background of this game, which features a polar region. The game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. Some of the basic symbols include a penguin, a bucket of fish and gold, and a polar bear. In order to win, you’ll need to land at least three similar symbols on any active line. A special bonus is triggered upon landing three golden fish on three central reels. 

You’ll need to choose a fisherman to activate the Free Spins mode and win multipliers. The fisherman can be a lion, penguin, walrus, or a polar bear. Symbols that are caught in the bonus round are transformed into wilds in the Free Spins mode. They replace missing basic symbols and multiply wins.

3. Extreme Fishing

Developed by Lightning Box Games, an Australian game developer, this online slot has some exciting features. It has high-quality graphics and features detailed icons. It tells the story of a fisherman on a quest to catch fish and other marine animals. 

Some of them are not quite friendly. There are 25 paylines and 5 reels in this game. It also has a total of twelve symbols. They are a crab, six playing cards, a starfish, three different kinds of fish, and a fisherman. You’ll need at least three similar symbols on a line to win. 

A scary shark is wild in Extreme Fishing. It is the top-paying symbol that also substitutes for missing regular symbols. It can help you finish a winning line. Up to 30 free spins are activated upon landing three or more scatters. 

5 Best Anglers Every Fishing Enthusiasts Must Know

Fishing is mainly a recreational activity that has existed for time immemorial. The activity started off in prehistoric times as a means of gathering food. Today, it has become a hobby for many individuals across the world. A person who catches fish using a hook, fishing line and a fishing rod is called an ‘angler’. Most of the modern fishing rods feature a fishing reel fixed on them.

Angling is primarily associated with sport fishing. However, some commercial fisheries also use certain methods of angling, such as trolling and longlining. Professional anglers are known to have excellent fishing records, awards, and honours. Here, we’ve listed some of the best anglers in the world:

1. Dr Martin Arostegui

If world records are to be considered, Dr Martin Arostegui is a legend. In his lifetime, Arostegui has created 326 records according to the data of IGFA World Records. This resident of Coral Gables, Florida, is a retired emergency room doctor. He made it his mission to catch record fish all over the world in his life. He achieved this feat with the flies and fly rods that he made himself. Dr Martin Arostegui was given the IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

2. Terry Hearn

Terry Hearn is a native of England. He became popular in 1996 when he caught a mirror carp weighing 55 pounds and 13 ounces. The British are fond of naming big carp and his catch was named ‘Mary’. In England and several other countries of Europe, catching monster carp is a passion shared by many fishing professionals. Besides his record catch, Hearn has also caught Bazil, Two-Tone, and many others.

3. Kevin VanDam

When it comes to professional bass fishing, Kevin VanDam is among the best in the world. VanDam resides in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He has earned more than $4.5 million through 2010 and holds four Bassmaster Classic titles. In the competition, he managed to reel in over 8,400 pounds of bass. Ever since he turned pro, VanDam has earned his place in 20 consecutive Classic tournaments. ESPN commentator Mark Zona had stated that VanDam was among the ones closest to perfection he had seen.

4. Mike Iaconelli

Born in Philadelphia, Mike Iaconelli won the Bassmaster Classic in 2003. He has made $1.7 million in cash and merchandise throughout his career and caught over 4,000 pounds of bass. He has also won five tournaments and earned his place in the top ten 44 times.
Iaconelli achieved all of this despite the fact that he was not even 40 at the time. Another amazing thing about this American angler is that he spends about 200 days in a year on the water.

5. Pete Maina

His favorite gamefish is the muskellunge. It is estimated that Maina has caught this fish at over 500 lakes around the United States and Canada. By the time he was 11, Pete Maina was guiding anglers in Wisconsin. Maina has stated that he has handled over three thousand muskellunge in his career.
His biggest catch was a 55-inch fish in Lake St. Clair during the month of September in 2010. He also pioneered the catch-and-release method for muskellunge.

5 Best Spots for Fishing in Florida

You’ll find some of the finest and most diverse spots for fishing in Florida. They include mangroves, flats, deep water trenches, reefs, and wrecks. Florida is surrounded by two of the major bodies of water. With the presence of freshwater and saltwater sources, this American state offers plenty of fishing opportunities. 

There are many different lakes and rivers in Florida. This would certainly make it difficult for you to choose a particular destination for fishing. So, we’ve picked some of the best places for fishing in the state:

1. Jacksonville

Situated on the mouth of the St. Johns River, this city can be a perfect destination for anglers. With endless freshwater and saltwater sources, anglers will have unlimited opportunities to get their catch. Some of the places worth checking out are Nassau Sound, Mill Cove, and Amelia Island State Park. You can enjoy an entire day of fishing action in Jacksonville. 

Cobia, King Mackerel, and Redfish are some of the fish species found in the water bodies of the city. Jacksonville also hosts one of the largest Kingfish tournaments in the country every year in July. This event has more than 300 boats hitting the water and thousands of dollars are offered in prize money.

2. Boca Grande

Known for its historic downtown, this residential community on Gasparilla Island offers world-class fishing opportunities. The white sand beaches touched by the blue waters would make your fishing trip even more exciting. Boca Grande is known worldwide as the ‘Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World’. It also hosts the ‘World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament’ every year. 

The village of Boca Grande has no gas stations except the street pump at the Boca Grande Marina. The residents use golf carts as their primary mode of transportation. Boca Grande is also a favourite destination for high-profile weddings owing to its beautiful natural surroundings.

3. Sarasota

This gorgeous city is located on the southwestern coast of Florida. It is the best place for inshore fishing with its vast networks of sandbars, flats, and seagrass meadows. You can get to the mangrove tunnels or explore the shallows for Redfish, Tarpon, Seatrout, and Snook. 

Some of the popular fishing spots in Sarasota include Big Sarasota Pass, Stephen’s Point, and Siesta Key. If you like bottom fishing, check out the reefs. It has some fantastic species like Grouper, Bluefish, Snapper, and Sheepshead. You’ll also find the beaches in this city ideal for relaxation after a busy day of fishing.

4. Destin

This city in Florida has been nicknamed the ‘World’s Luckiest Fishing Village’. It is situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the Choctawhatchee Bay. You’ll find an amazing mix of offshore and inshore fishing in this city. The best way to explore the pelagic and bottom species is to book a charter. It takes you out to the 100-Fathom Curve, which has a floor located at 600 feet below sea level. 

The best fish to target include Snapper, Amberjack, Tuna, Grouper, and Billfish. This city also hosts the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic and Destin Fishing Rodeo. Hundreds of anglers from different corners of the country participate in these events.

3 Things to Consider for a Successful Fishing Trip

Fishing as a recreational activity can be traced back to the days after the English Civil War. During this period, there was a newfound interest in this activity. This has also been mentioned in several books and treatises that were written on the topic of fishing. Among them was A Booke of Fishing with Hooke and Line wrote by Leonard Mascall in 1589. 

Fishing was also described in Izaak Walton’s The Complete Angler, written in 1653. The fishing hook that’s still in use today was designed and improved in the mid-17th century by Charles Kirby. There are some important things you must consider before you embark on a fishing trip:

1. The right fishing gear

If you want to have a good fishing experience, you’ll certainly require your fishing gear. When you’ve planned to go fishing on your boat, the last thing you’d want is the failure of your gear. You must make sure that you have the right fishing gear with you before leaving for the trip. 

Annual maintenance of the gear must be given top priority. Things like the fishing reels must be maintained in a good condition. Reels are subject to repeated use when fishing. Salt often enters the inside of the reel and can cause unseen damage if left unchecked. There are certain times of the year when you don’t go fishing as much as you normally do. This would be an ideal time to take your gear to a trusted tackle shop. 

You can get a full service done on the gear. By doing this, you can be assured that the gear would not disappoint for a long period of time. After spending a long day on the water, rinse your gear and remove the buildup of salt, if any.

2. The weather

You’ll have some success with fishing if you know how the weather affects the behaviour of fish. Make sure that you have the updates on weather to keep yourself safe and well-prepared. Checking several sources of weather reports will help you to get the right information. 

You can then use this information to plan your fishing locations. You must be having certain spots in your mind. So, if it looks like those spots are going to be windy, you can find another spot. This would certainly save the hassles of managing your boat in the conditions of bad weather. 

If the weather reports are indicating the possibility of rain, make sure you’re prepared. Pack all your rain gear in a dry bag. Even when you’re out there on the water, you must keep checking the weather to stay safe.

3. The catch

Planning what to do with the fish you’ve caught is just as important as finding them. Your boat might be having fish boxes or coolers where you can store your catch. If not, you can get one for all your future fishing trips. Before leaving for your trip, load the coolers with ice. Be careful not to open and close the lid frequently. 

You must not lose the cold air that you’re saving for the trip. Once you begin filling the box with fish, make sure that they’re completely covered in ice. Once you’re back from the trip, clean the fish immediately. This will keep your catch fresh. Clean and fresh fish can last a few days in the fridge.

5 Amazing Benefits of Fishing Not Known to Many

The activity of fishing dates back to prehistoric times. During that particular period, fishing was crucial for the survival of many human beings. Most of the elderly people who enjoy fishing have always been healthy and happy. The best way to enjoy fishing is to go out on the water, looking for the fish. It can also be enjoyed from a place that is close to the body of water. 

All these places mostly have the calmness and serenity that would instantly soothe your mind. You tend to forget all the worries of life sitting beside the waters and catching fish. Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of fishing that many individuals are not aware of:

1. Relief from stress

There are numerous individuals who love to go fishing during their weekends or vacations. The freedom that they experience while fishing is what truly makes them feel blissful. You can get a big relief from stress when you go fishing in a pond or a stream. The environment would be completely different from what you see around you every day. You also get to interact with nature and feel like being a part of it. 

2. A great recreational activity

Even if you’re not able to catch a single fish, you’ll feel that the day was well spent. After all, it’s so much better than doing all those boring chores at home or office. Most fishing enthusiasts would agree that the pleasure of fishing is in the activity itself. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how many fish you’ve caught. If you do manage to catch a fish, it would feel as if all your efforts have been rewarded.

3. The thrill of a challenge

Many love fishing owing to the thrill and the challenges involved in the activity. You’ll feel the excitement while sitting in a boat or by a stream, waiting for a fish. You’ll be willing to wait for quite some time until a fish gets caught by the lure. You may employ several methods to catch the fish, but not all methods would be effective. The challenges involved in fishing do teach you some important lessons of life.

4. An excellent source of food

You get all sorts of food at the local supermarket, but the healthiest option is fresh fish. It is a natural source of food and is rich in protein. Fish is also a healthier option than the other kinds of meat as it contains less cholesterol. So, when you wait by a stream and get a good catch, it is certainly a big prize.

5. Social bonding

One of the most important things you’ll get by embarking on a fishing trip is healthy relationships. Being with your friends or family amid natural surroundings would give you some memorable moments. You don’t usually get such opportunities during the other days when you’re at home. 

There’s always something to be done at home and all those noises can be very annoying. This won’t be the case when you’re outdoors on a fishing trip with your friends or family members.

The Boca Grande Boating and Fishing Guide

Boca Grande is a small residential community located on Gasparilla Island in the state of Florida, United States. Fishing and boating are some of the exciting activities you can enjoy in this part of the country. The charter captain of your boat also acts as a guide who would help you explore the waters. You can also enjoy fishing in these waters with the help of your guide. 

You may not be sure about the species of fish to target and the style of boat to hire. For expert guidance in these matters, you can get in touch with the Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association. The type of fish to target would depend largely on the season and weather. These two factors are crucial when targeting species such as tarpon, redfish, and snapper.

Hiring a boat

The cost of hiring a boat with a captain varies according to the amount of time spent on the water. It also depends on the number of people on the boat. Most of the captains prefer a maximum of 4 guests onboard. The number may also be less, depending on the type of fishing and the boat. You are given the option of cash or check for making the payment. 

Don’t forget to take a hat, sunscreen, and a rain jacket with you for the trip. The captain would provide all the necessary information about weather conditions. However, make sure you ask the captain about it in advance. If you don’t want to go fishing, you can opt for sightseeing instead. The captain can take you on a quarter, half, or full-day trip on the waters.

Options in dining

Your trip to Boca Grande won’t be complete without a visit to one of its fabulous restaurants. Some among them are located amid beautiful surroundings and have the best options in food and drinks. You can also rent a room or cabin in some of them. It would be a good idea to plan an early morning visit to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast. You can also choose to make an evening reservation for dinner.

Explore the islands

There are several other islands, mooring areas, and sandbars that can be explored during the trip. You can make a stop on one of them and enjoy your picnic lunch. This would give you some respite from the tourist crowds. You can also bring a beach chair and umbrella to relax and dine according to your convenience.

About bringing your own boat

You can bring your own boat for exploring the waters of Boca Grande. There are only two places on the island to launch your boat. One is Uncle Henry’s Marina and the other is ‘Inlet on the Waterfront’ hotel. You’ll also have to pay a small fee to launch your boat for a round trip. 

Boats are also available for rent at some of the marinas. It is important to have some knowledge about the local areas. GPS can be used if you’re unfamiliar with the place. In such cases, it is advisable to stick to the areas that are clearly marked. You can also ask the locals for advice and they’ll be happy to help.