Have Fun on the Beautiful Beaches of Boca Grande

Some of the beautiful sceneries of Florida can be found on the beaches of Boca Grande. Your time spent on these beaches would make your visit to Gasparilla Island truly unforgettable. You’ll find all types of beaches in this part of the world. There are small beaches, which take you off the beaten path. There are public beaches as well, which have parking and restroom facilities.

Beaches with excellent facilities

There are four significant beach access points on the island. They’re operated by the Barrier Island Parks Society and Gasparilla State Park. The access points start at the Range Lighthouse, located south of Fifth Street. It includes additional points that terminate at the Port Boca Grande Lighthouse. 

The lighthouse park offers beach access with facilities like restrooms, ample parking space, and freshwater showers. You’ll also find ADA access, picnic tables, grills, and shade canopies. Make sure you explore each of the historic lighthouses on the island. 

The additional beach access points of the Gasparilla State Park have walk-over ramps and parking. A new beach access point has been constructed at Fifth Street. It includes parking and limited temporary restroom facilities.

Off the beaten path

From 19th Street south to First Street, you’ll find several additional beach access points. This area would have limited parking and there are no great facilities offered. The beaches located at these places can be explored early in the day or late in the afternoon. As these access points are mostly within the residential neighbourhood, make sure you’re not blocking the residential drives.

Go kayaking

On the bayside of 19th Street, there’s an additional public access point. Although parking is limited, you’ll have easy access to the water for launching your kayak or paddleboard. Additionally, you’ll come across a small fishing pier on the Boca Grande Bayou. 

You’ll find many ways to enjoy the Boca Grande beaches. You’ll surely have plenty of fun, whether you’re visiting for a day or staying for the week. Wind and weather can greatly influence your kayaking tours. You’ll need to plan your trip by choosing a particular time or day when the wind is minimal. 

There are certain places that are less windy. You can also consider such places while planning your tour. Booking your tour with one of the local operators would be a great idea. They can recommend you the ideal spots based on the weather, tides, and wind.

Beaches accessible only by boat

If you’re looking forward to spending some quality time on a secluded beach, get to Cayo Costa. This beach can be reached only by boat. Cayo Costa is one of the best beaches in Florida and is well-known for its undisturbed natural habitat and seclusion. 

You’ll also find many shoals and sandbars. It offers ideal surroundings to enjoy a picnic. You can bring your beach chair and umbrella to unwind amid serene surroundings. There are custom charters available to Cayo Costa, North Captiva, Cabbage Key, secret mangrove tunnels, and deserted sandbars. 

Guided tours are also available around Boca Grande. They give you the opportunity to enjoy wildlife sightings and to know more about the island’s history. You’ll also get to save more on such trips if you have a larger group.